Harness the creative spirits of your employees, suppliers, and customers
to innovate and resolve problems via Idea Management.

Become a nimble, fast company that is a force to be reckoned with.

Innovation is in our Blood

We believe that Idea Management is an incredible tool to harness innovation or improvement ideas. By truly listening to your staff; you will cut costs, create better customer relationships and strengthen your organization. Implementing effective Idea Management will help your organization weather these tough economic times. Idea Management helps you create a culture of innovation.

We know how to get you there. “We Wrote the Book on Idea Management™” and we wrote the software, too! Add our twenty years of consulting expertise, and you have the most experienced idea management and suggestion system company in the world. Bar none.
The Book

A to Z Idea Management for Organizational Improvement and Innovation covers the wide range of ideation activities you may want to manage. Its workbook format means you can dig into to what is pertinent now.

SimNet 8

Universal Global Idea Management Software - an amazing tool that morphs to how you manage ideas and innovation. It can even support simultaneous idea streams. Such as an interactive innovation site as well as a site day-to-day improvement ideas.

news & events

INSSAN Conference in Jamshedpur, India
Jim Schwarz will attend and present at their first international conference in India.


Overview of Idea Management Innovating by Capturing and Sharing People's Ideas - reviews the many idea systems that comprise idea management (updated October 2012, pdf)


Ideas America Conference in Mesa, Arizona
We will have a booth there - meet with us on Thursday September 13th. www.ideas-america.org


SimNet Review on InnovationTools.com
Chuck Frey reviewed our flexible idea management tool.


SimNet 8 - Not Just Software - It is the Solution to Managing Innovation and Ideas

While you are here, take a look at the only truly universal, global, idea management software – SimNet 8. It can manage everything from simple improvement ideas to complex innovation activities - seamlessly since it morphs to how you ideate. This software is years ahead of anything else on the market with its multiple idea workflow/pipeline – multiple location – multiple team - multiple language – multiple currency capabilities. Its proprietary SimNet Automation toolkit means we can significantly reduce administrative tasks in your system.

Designed specifically to work with the Umbrella of Innovation, which covered in our book, The A to Z of Idea Management. This means you don't adapt your process to the software - we adapt it to how you work.

Next, note our industry leadership by viewing our presentations and white papers that clearly demonstrate what we have learned in those twenty years.

And finally, consider us as your partner in creating your innovation/idea/suggestion environment. When it comes to creating effective idea and reward/recognition systems, we are unrivaled.

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